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Which is a better option in terms of choice of gynecologist?

Which is a better option in terms of choice of gynecologist?

Who is a gynecologist? He is considered to be someone who has more technical and medical expertise than your general physician. He can go on to diagnose a lot of potential problems which may save a lot of time and effort at your end. If you look at the gynecologist around me, an important decision that you need to give a serious thought is whether you want to opt for a male or a female one.

It is an important decision to make as you would need to be comfortable during the course of your medical examinations. Before you arrive at such a decision, you need to be aware of the pros and cons associated with both of them. There is no way doubting the fact that both of them are competent and tend to provide the best care to the patients. Do a background and a reference check before you arrive at the final decision.

The advantages of a female gynecologist over a male one?

  • The physical examination can be less awkward with a female gynecologist. A majority of women tend to feel comfortable in the company of a female physician than their male counterparts. Even when they are in the medical profession, they do not feel comfortable in exposing their bodies. Women who have been victims of sexual abuse in the past are also more comfortable in the company of female gynecologist.
  • An interesting trend that is being observed is that female doctors tend to spend more time with their patients. It is indeed important that your doctor listens to each and every query you have and renders advice on the same. Female doctors tend to spend more time with their patients rather than their male counterparts. Once again this happens to be subjective observation and it tends to differ from person to person.
  • It has been observed that women doctors show more sympathy towards gynecology problems. They feel in the same boat as they go through the same pains. A doctor can gain more meaningful insight into the life of a patient and can have a better idea about things. The mere fact is assuring that someone who is treating you is pretty much aware of the problems which you experience
  •  Any form of medical problems can be best discussed with a good gynecologist and that happens to be a female. One of the main reasons on why females prefer a female gynecologist is that they are not that comfortable in discussing their sexual problems with a male. Some topics like vaginal discharge, sexually occurrence of transmitted diseases are all forbidden when it comes to a male gynecologist. This is indeed important as if you disclose the correct information, and then only the doctor can guide you.
  • Female gynecologists tend to be gentler when they examine a patient when you compare it to the male counterparts. Since she might have been part of such examination in the past, she is pretty much aware on what a woman goes through during the course of these examinations. She will more than appreciate on what a woman goes through during the course of these examinations.

These are the pros and cons associated with each of them and the choice is on you.